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Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

At Country Cowboy Church we strive to provide a place of peace where the family of God can gather together. Where we can be loved and cared for by one another. Where we can all worship and grow in the Spirit of God, learning to function in a world that is deteriorating, by learning to "live and move and have our being" in Him.

The Vision

"The Campfire"

The invitation: "If we can build a home that is glowing with God's love for one another, His light of truth shining from our windows and His grace pouring out toward our neighbors, the world will beat a path to our door!"
- Jack Hayford
The campfire is a call toward a greater transformation in the lives of everyone around and involved in that fire.

The Challenge: God's challenge to the congregation of Country Cowboy Church, was to build strong families, to create a place of peace, of warm relationships and wholeness to which those 'coming in from the cold' will be attracted and find their way into God's family.

The Promise of the Fire: Whatever darkness seeks to envelope you - whatever you are going through: Personal challenges, family trials, economic uncertainty, physical pain or just plain "soul-tiredness" , you should find yourself welcome at our fire. So come on in, be encouraged and transformed by the Truth of the Word of God and warmed by the closeness of true loving and grace-filled fellowship.
Welcome to the campfire...

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