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Pastor Jack

Head Pastor

Pastor Jack grew up in a ranching family on the west side of the central valley, in the small town of Crows Landing. He eventually went into ranch management where he last worked for Red House Ranching in Copperopolis, CA.
Pastor also served as an Elder at The Bunkhouse Fellowship in La Grange, CA and was serving at the Creekside Church of Sonora when he received his ordination in 2001, as a founding member of Country Cowboy Church. He then began his first and only pastorate.
He is now ministering to the Country Cowboy Church of Sonora's congregation, and his passion is in preaching and teaching the "use-in' kind" of Christianity. A down to Earth 101 Jesus that everyone can understand and put to use in their own lives!

Denny Bettencourt

Associate Pastor

Denny lived in the Bay Area until the age of 12, at which time her family moved to a small farming community, Gustine. This was a dream come true for her. From the time she can remember, she wanted to live and work on a ranch! She was able to fulfill her dream when she joined 4-H and then later, when she married her dear sweet husband, Pastor Jack, whose family was involved in ranching.
Denny received Jesus as her Lord and Savior while watching the old movie, King of Kings, when she was about 13 years old. Her love for Him continues to grow.
Denny feels privileged to serve along side of her husband at CCC.
Her passion is teaching the Word of God and what it is to be Kingdom disciples of Jesus! She is the biggest student in her classes.