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Got Oil?

Jul 14, 2024    Pastor Jack Bettencourt

Most of you know that I ride motorcycles, and yesterday morning I was preparing for a ride over Sonora Pass. One of the things we do before we ride is perform a safety check on the motorcycle, so that's what I was doing. When I checked the oil, I found out it was low, and I thought Praise God!

Praise God that my oil was low? No, praise God because he led me to check it, and I found that it was low. Oil. Oil is the lifeblood of my motorcycle. The oil lubricates the internal parts of the engine, the transmission, the clutch, it keeps the internal parts clean, takes the metal and carbon particles and other contaminants to the filter.

Oil? Yes, I want to talk about oil this morning, in fact I want to start by asking you this question: "Have you checked your oil lately"?

Why do I ask that? Because I believe the word of the Lord for us this morning is: Be prepared. Jesus is coming and He is coming soon. We need to hear and remember this, to be reminded of it often.

I tell you this, this morning because it's true! I believe these are the last days we're in. I believe we have been in the last days since Jesus left, remember Acts 1:9?