God Hates


Sunday - 9 AM Teen Bible Study, 10:30 AM Worship Service, 11:00 AM Junior Church | Wednesday - 10:30 AM Bible Study, 6:30 PM Bible Study

Aug. 02, 2020

God loves amen? The Bible leaves no doubt about that. He's a God of love isn't that right? He extends His love to us and He loves it when it is returned to Him in praise! That's our God!

But have you ever stopped to consider...have you ever thought about, have you ever been awakened to the fact that this God of love...Our God who loves so intensely, can also hate? Because He does. It's true, God can hate, and I want to look at that this morning.

Proverbs 6:16-19, Psalm 139:13 (AMP), Psalm 139:14, Matthew 23:12 (AMP), Proverbs 12:11, Matthew 5:22 (MSG), Psalm 24:3-4, I Corinthians 16:14.