Our Beliefs


Sunday - 9 AM Teen Bible Study, 10:30 AM Worship Service, 11:00 AM Junior Church | Wednesday - 10:30 AM Bible Study, 6:30 PM Bible Study

Our Beliefs:

At Country Cowboy Church we strive to provide a place of peace where the family of God can gather together. Where we can be loved and cared for by one another. Where we can all worship and grow in the Spirit of God, learning to function in a world that is deteriorating, by learning to "live and move and have our being" in Him.

We are greatly encouraged by the growth of our children's and youth ministries. We are blessed to have teachers whose genuine interest is in our young people and their spiritual growth. God's Word, His power, His promises are for "whomsoever will," and we have a body of believers that "will." Our Father has a plan, a future, and a purpose for our church and we seek that plan, desire that future and live for His purpose in us.

Our Mindset:

  1. We are Kingdom centered. Believing that each person's first mission in life is to glorify God and to exalt His Son Jesus who is our Lord. It is His Kingdom that we establish in His Name.
  2. We will honor God's Word. It is our absolute authority in our personal lives. We become free through its truths alone, we are guided by it, and by its teaching we will grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ.
  3. We will obey God's call. We will be a people who will willingly serve others through whatever means at our disposal.
  4. We will invite the power of God to be with us. People, who through prayer and intercession, believe that all things are possible to those who believe the promises of God and seek Him in faith.
  5. We will extend God's love. We will be accepting of all people being non-judgmental, knowing that Jesus commands brotherly love toward all members of the Christian family.
  6. We will welcome the Holy Spirit of God. According to Jesus' command, we believe that the Spirit's comfort is for our restoration and His fullness and anointing are essential to enable our daily service and witness for Christ.
  7. We will serve God's people. We will minister to individuals, and knowing that marriage and family are ordained by God, we will nurture and help strengthen homes. We believe that there are none who are unimportant, and that all are significant in the purpose of God.